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Church Private Site Development


Commercial Site Development:

  • AEL was contracted by a private developer to design a new church in Southwest Harris County adjacent to Brays Bayou. The site was undeveloped and would be fully used to accommodate the building structures, parking, and the detention pond. The site required the connection of proposed utilities into the existing City utilities.
    Because the site is in the 500Yr Floodplain, there is a chance of flooding in higher events, as such, the proposed main structure was elevated to 2 feet above the 500Yr WSEL and the site graded to quickly drain site runoff back into the bayou after the storm. The site was carefully planned for in-line mitigation in conjunction with the
    onsite pond to allow the collected stormwater to slowly release into the city sewer system and not overwhelm the existing capacity and cause flooding downstream.

Client: State of Texas, Harris County

Location: 8955 South Braeswood Boulevard Houston, Texas 77031

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