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Mixed-Use Commercial Complex Along Antoine Road


Commercial Site Development:

  • AEL was contracted by a private developer to design a plot of land for mixed-use commercial development. The project is situated in a suburban setting, and no existing utilities are in the near vicinity. AEL was able to design the buildings, site, and utilities in accordance with local regulations and maintain proper care for constructability and future expandability. The site being in Northwest Harris County required the careful design for the mitigation of possible flooding. As such, the site incorporates a detention pond on-site which accounts for
    the updated Atlas 14 rainfall values. The site is graded in such a way to prevent flooding of the main structures in case of a major storm event. As there are no utilities in the area, and a septic system was not desirable, proposed utilities had to be introduced and communications
    with a nearby MUD were had to annex the property into their footprint to allow access to their treatment and management.

Client: Jack Skrove

Location: Kaltenburn Rd Houston, Texas 77086

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