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Max Road Reconstruction



As Associate Project Manager with a previous firm, Ms. Dozal prepared the PS&E for the reconstruction of 1.0 miles of Max Road in the city of Pearland to convert the existing two-lane roadway to a four-lane boulevard with curb-and-gutter and roadside ditch-es, including two bridges over Hickory Slough. She designed the drainage, detention pond, roadway geometry, and pedestrian facilities, as well as provided construction phase services. Ms. Dozal coordinated with the client, sub-consultants, and utility companies for relocation. She managed the project budget, design schedule, and workload, and prepared monthly project invoices. When designing the detention pond, it was important to consider drainage goals for the area, not just this project. Coordination began with the US Army Corps of engineers early in the project regarding wetlands and drainage outfalls into Hickory Slough. The Max Road project was in design simultaneously with the Eastside St. project. Both projects were completed on time, within budget, and with high quality by prioritizing tasks and critical path items on each project, setting a block of time to work on each project, tracking hours spent and project percent completion, and delegating tasks of qualified team members. The estimated construction cost for the project was $11.2 Million.

Client: City of Pearland

Location: Pearland, Texas

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