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SH3 Access Management PS&E



Agha Engineering was contracted by Civiltech and TxDOT to prepare construction plans for access management improvements for State Highway 3, located in Harris County between Richey Road to the Galveston County Line. The project, which is approximately 14 miles in length, has an estimated let date of January 2022. The proposed improvements included installation and modifications of medians, turn lanes, sidewalks improvements and driveway consolidations, sidewalk connectivity at the railroad and signal upgrades.


Agha Engineering prepared a refined schematic and an access management schematic refinement report which were submitted to TxDOT for approval prior to proceeding with the detailed design.

Agha Engineering followed by dispatching the surveyors, per-
formed Utility Engineering and prepared the detailed design of the roadway improvements. The improvements added traversable medians and raised median to increase safety and removed unnecessary driveways along the corridor. Two way left turn lanes were replaced with dedicated left turn lanes. Widening was required to retrofit the longer left turn lanes based on the rising average daily traffic along this corridor.

Agha Engineering analyzed each turn and vehicle movements by utilizing AutoTURN and truck turning templates to verify geometric accuracy and improve mobility in the corridor. Loons were added to allow pedestrian vehicles to make U-turn movements in between major intersections.

Client: TxDOT

Location: Harris County, Texas

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