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Willow Creek Proposed Detention and Floodplain


Flood Control

Client: HCFCD - Bond Related Project

The proposed detention basin is situated inside 300-acres of the area providing many multi-use detention basin ideas. The Willow Creek Detention Basin and Floodplain Preservation Site are located between Willow Creek and SH-99, approximately 2 miles east of SH-249 and west of Sugarberry Place.
The proposed site includes a wet detention bottom which allows multi-use detention basin options such as canoe/kayak or fishing lakes within the basin and other recreational activities. The access maintenance around the berm of the detention basin can be used to interconnect with future hike and bike trails along Willow Creek. Wetland habitat preservation areas inside of the proposed pond. 


Harris County, Texas

willow creek pic 1.PNG
willow creek pic 2.PNG
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