I45 South FM 1764 to FM 519

Designing and Planning

AEL was contracted by AECOM to perform engineering services for a 2.2-mile stretch of IH45 South from FM 1774 to FM 519. The design included preparing drainage area maps, storm drainage plan, and profile sheets, culvert layout, bridge class culvert layout sheets, hydraulic datasheets for storm drains, standard details sheets, and nonstandard details sheets by utilizing Geopak Drainage. The corridor was to be designed for the 10-YR storm event. Geopak model took into account the peak flows for sub-components of the drainage system, drainage system design/calculations for the main lanes, retaining walls, bridges, ramps, and frontage roads. All designs were made in accordance with the latest edition of the state Hydraulic Manual, District criteria, and any specific guidance provided by the state. AEL coordinated with the state and designers of adjacent projects to check that all proposed drainage systems accommodate the proposed construction phasing plan. Managed the budget, production tasks with the team and coordinated with the client.

Client: Galveston County

Location: Galveston, Texas

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