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Specializing in innovative drainage design and Hydrology and Hydraulics (H&H) analysis, Agha Engineering, LLC has become the preferred firm to deliver quality services at local and state agencies including Harris County Flood Control, Harris County Public Infrastructure Department, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, FEMA, Texas Department of Transportation, and the City of Houston. With a strong background in Hydraulic and Hydrologic projects, we have surpassed and exceeded clients’ expectations.

At AEL, we are fluent with the revised ATLAS 14, county and local criteria, as well as multiple drainage modeling software including for steady and unsteady state analysis using 1D and 2D modeling. We take pride in being one of just a handful of companies that utilizes OpenRoads Drainage SUDA/SU technologies coupled with CivilStorm for storm sewer analysis and design. Our staff is well InfoWorks ICM and SWMM 1D/2D transient modeling. We offer HEC-RAS 1D/2D modeling for hydraulics and floodplain modeling and employ a staff that is well versed in GIS. 

Our current portfolio includes delivering a preliminary engineering report for the $65 million Boudreaux SWB bond funded project for Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD). 

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  • Roadway Drainage Hydrology
    and Hydraulics (H&H)

  • Bridge Hydraulics and Scour Protection

  • Master Planned Drainage Studies

  • Hydraulic Impact Studies

  • OpenRoads SUDA

  • Unsteady State Modeling (SWMM)

  • Geographical Information Systems (GIS)

  • Cross Culverts and Junction Box Design

  • Atlas 14 Implementation

  • Detention Pond and Pump Pond Design

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