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Highway Construction

Agha Engineering LLC (AEL) continues to redefine the transportation landscape in Texas through construction engineering inspection services. Mobility in the State of Texas is essential to the thriving economic sectors interconnected by various forms of transportation infrastructures. These networks rely on cooperation and seamless mobility between public and private stakeholders. This collaboration ensures our projects meet and exceed expectations in terms of safety, efficiency, and sustainability. 


Safe and efficient design enhances the integrity of the region, made possible with superior transportation engineering. Every project balances the objectives of minimizing impacts to right of way, improving drainage facilities, optimizing traffic flow and consideration for constructability and budget. We approach each project with a unique blend of innovation, technical prowess, and industry insight, enabling us to deliver solutions that optimize traffic flow, minimize impacts to right of way, and improve drainage facilities. 


Agha Engineering LLC, led by Majed Agha and Juan Romero, has a vast portfolio of major transportation projects, including Design-Build, PS&E and Schematic Design. Major projects consist of US183 Bergstrom Expressway, I-10, I-45 Drainage South, SH36, NHHIP, SH-249, Hwy 6, IH-20, and US-59. Our commitment to CEI extends beyond design and implementation. We also offer comprehensive traffic control and phasing services, ensuring smooth transitions during construction phases and minimal disruption to existing traffic flow. 


AEL is pleased to serve and revolutionize the transportation industry one project at a time. AEL strives to balance constructability and budget considerations with the overarching goal of enhancing regional integrity through superior transportation engineering.  

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  • Major Interchange and Freeway Design

  • Roadway Drainage

  • Super Streets and Urban Facilities

  • Transit and Parking Facilities

  • Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities

  • Traffic Control & Phasing

  • Super 2 Highways

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