Years of Combined Experience




Firm Number

Leadership and Staff

Juan Romero, P.E.

President and H&H Department Lead

Yazan Badri

Project Engineer

Alan Romero

CADD Technician

Majed Agha, P.E.

Chairman and Transportation Lead

Sinem Arikan

Marketing Director

Rami Chafic 

GIS and Bentley Software Technician

Erin Dozal, P.E.

Senior Project Manager

Walter Villon

Structural Engineer

Maya Agha

Human Resources

Omar Al Hammouri

Project Engineer

Agha Engineering LLC (AEL) is a civil engineering firm headquartered in Houston Texas. The firm specializes in Transportation, Drainage and Site Development.

The company was founded by Majed Agha, P.E. and Juan Romero, P.E. Majed is a versatile engineer with a Civil Engineering (B.S.) and Subsea Engineering (M.S) education. Juan, a University of Houston alumni with a Civil Engineering (B.S.) degree, has a reputation for being a top talent among engineering society. Their passion for engineering, technology and business was behind starting AE.


At AE, we believe technology has yet to be fully utilized in fine-tuning engineering design. AE is passionate for being at the forefront of technology when it comes to improving engineering design capability and quality.

The latest BIM (building information technology) technologies in civil engineering are utilized to maximize efficiency, identify design issues at the early stage of the project and reduce or eliminate design errors.


Transportation services include roadway geometry design, drainage design, traffic control, striping and pavement marking, overhead large signs, retaining walls, SW3P etc. Drainage design services include storm sewer analysis, ditch design, detention ponds, detention pond stage storage analysis, bridge scour analysis. H&H services include studies for TxDOT roadway projects.


Site development services include delivering complete civil design packages. Project delivery include site plan, grading, paving, storm sewer, sanitary, and agency coordination. TxDOT driveway permits and Plat Coordination.

Our experience includes PS&E, Planning and Geometric Schematics, Feasibility Studies and Cost Benefit Analysis. We conduct training for engineering design using Bentley's latest civil design suite OpenRoads Designer roadway and SUDA (subsurface Utilities and Drainage Analysis) capabilities at your premises. Call us today to learn more.