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 TxDOT Precertified • SBE (METRO)

 Complex Hydrology and Hydraulics  Incorporating Engineering Expertise and BIM Technology for Fine-Tuned Designs • Complex Roadway and Freeway Designs 

Hydraulics and Hydrology (H&H) Analysis 

At Agha Engineering LLC (AEL), we excel in hydraulics and hydrology (H&H) analysis. Our team of highly qualified professionals employ innovative methodologies to address complex hydrology and hydraulics challenges. We are committed to providing fine-tuned designs through our expertise in engineering and BIM technology. 

In addition to hydraulics and hydrology, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including water resources management, transportation planning, land development, 3D visualization and rendering, and pedestrian and bicycle facilities planning. We handle each project we undertake with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring our clients receive the highest quality results.

We are proud to be TxDOT precertified and SBE (METRO) certified. We strive to stay ahead of industry trends, continually enhancing our technical capabilities to deliver advanced and sustainable engineering solutions.

For any inquiries or to learn more about our engineering services, including roadway design engineering, feel free to contact us. At AEL, your vision is our mission. 


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