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Land Development Engineering

At Agha Engineering LLC, we understand that land development engineering is unique for all projects, hence we employ a team of experienced engineers that are familiar with both atypical terrains as well as procedures and nuances necessary for proper plan approval.  


Our team of seasoned engineers brings a wealth of knowledge in handling diverse terrains and understanding the intricacies required for obtaining appropriate plan approvals. We believe in offering comprehensive services that cover every facet of land development design. 


Our services extend from individual site development to large-scale mixed-use developments with supplementary services such as storm water management, drainage, channel design, and master planning. AEL works to ensure that your land is prepared for its intended use and is properly permitted. 


Our goal in land development engineering is to prepare your land effectively for its intended use while ensuring all necessary permits are in place. To achieve this, we employ a systematic approach that blends expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of environmental considerations. We strive to provide solutions that are not only efficient and sustainable but also cost effective, meeting the unique requirements of our clients while adhering to the highest industry standards. 

  • Site Grading

  • Platting

  • Utility Easements

  • Water Detention Areas

  • Utility Hook-ups

  • Master Planning

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